Out of 182 referrals January to August 2021; 

50% had been diagnosed by a doctor for mental ill-health 

13% had a drug or alcohol addiction 

84% had probable or possible depression 

68% rarely or never felt confident 

84% were not thinking clearly 

96% were feeling anxious  

48% rarely or never felt close to other people (36% - some of the time) 


Imagine your life if you could wake up each morning feeling; 

  • Happy and excited for what the day has to offer you 

  • Feel less anxious and stressed 

  • Have a quiet mind without the internal chatter and overthinking 

  • Set free from the demons of your past 

  • Feel connected to the outside world and your loved ones 

  • Experience a greater sense of wellbeing 

  • Have greater clarity and more confidence in your decisions 

  • Find your dream job 


These are just a few examples of what we’ve seen unfold throughout our SPAs - the possibilities are infinite. 


All you have to do is leave your problems at the door, make yourself comfortable and allow our Team to guide you to your innate resilience and discover a simple truth to solve all of your problems through insightful, non judgemental conversations delivered with love.