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No-one is broken


Imagine if your three children were each experiencing difficulties such as dyslexia, fainting and ADHD. Imagine if you, a single mother for fourteen years, were diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and were regularly prescribed a cocktail of drugs. Helen was 40, and this was her life. She felt she was failing – and sometimes she wished she was dead. She used prescriptive and non-prescriptive drugs to ease her physical and emotional pain.


She joined one of our programmes. Our facilitators worked with her to help her develop new tools and approaches, and to take better decisions. Five months later, Helen’s bipolar affective disorder is “in remission”, she is off all medication – she is back in control of her life and her future. She has a job, and perhaps most important of all, Helen’s new confidence has helped the whole family: her children are also off medication and flourishing at school.


There are many more people, like Helen, who struggle with poor mental health or homelessness. Their families suffer too.


We don’t want people to suffer alone. You can help us keep our programme going and help us show that “no one is broken”.